Thursday, February 7, 2013

#1056 - Movie Release In February 2013

Hye Readers,

Its been a while since the last time i watch movie at cinema..If im not mistaken its a Hensel & Gratel few weeks not a movie freak but i just love to watch the movie at cinema, So for now im gonna update all of you with list of movie that are coming to you in Febuary.

1)' Hantu Kak Limah 2: Husin, Mon & Jin Pakai Toncit' (7 Feb 2013)

- This is the trilogy from Zombie Kampung Pisang which release on 2007and is kindda sucess with a coleection around 3 million..The 2nd part Hantu Kak Limah Rumah is aslso successful with the collection almost 8 million..So how the part 3 is gonna be??just wait and see..hehe

2)  ‘Die Hard 5′ is ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ (7 Feb 2013)

- John Mclane is back and now his heading to Moscow to sweet talk some cops into letting his wayward son out of jail for something he did..What gonna happen??this one of one movies that i look forward to because of 2 reason..Bruce Willis and the action pack.

3) Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (7 Feb 2013)

- Sun Wukong is back!!!!i dont know how many of you are familiar with these movie but for those who watch the tv series around the late 90`s think will excited bout the movies..Stephen Chow Sing-chi comedies without Chow really aren't the same. The performance of the king of mo lei tau is so integral to the humour, it defines it. The jokes are just not the same without the joker.

4) Together (14 Feb 2013)

-Actually i dont know much about this movie..From what i know its a martial art movie and since im a fan of Donnie Yen, this will be one of the movie that i'm looking forward to..

5) The Flight (7 Feb 2013)

- Denzel Washington never fail to impressed me..In this movie Denzel Washington act as an alcoholic, drug-abusing commercial airline pilot. While Washington plumbs the depths of his deeply-flawed character, the movie places all the blame of a catastrophic crash on him

So that is 5 movie that gonna be release in February 2013 which i cant wait to watch...actually there is more release such as Kerat 14 (14 Feb 2013) , Gangster Celop (21 Feb 2013), Beautiful Creature (21 Feb 2013) Switch (28 Feb 2013) and many more...

I dont think im gonna able to watch all the 5 movie that i mention but if i can watch 3 of 5 i think its gonna be enough already and if anyone wanna catch a movie just let me know..hehehe..So, which one is the anticipated movie for you?

p/s: check you local listing for the precise release date.



  1. Journey to the west tu seriously nampak menarik.....
    Cite zaman awal sekolah menengah tu.....

  2. dekat 3 4 bulan tak masuk wayang.. dulu dok kl bley la, kalau rasa nak pi je terus pi, ni dah de kat muar, kalau rasa nak pi je kena tahan nafsu, mane nak cari wayang kat sini oi. haha.