Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How To Figure Out Type of Your Girl

Hye Readers,

Are you wondering about the type of your girl friend of wife? Is she someone you should spend your life waiting for or is she someone you’d better forget? 

Just answer the following few questions and you will probably get to know more...

Her wish-list for today reads:

A). A kitten.
B). A book, preferably non-fiction
C). A lipstick.

For her the mirror is..

A). Hates looking at it.
B). Forgets to look into the mirror most of the time.
C). Her best friend.

At parties…

A). She does not drink, smoke or dance.
B). She is a fun person and dances very well.
C). She is the hottest girl and guys queue up to talk to her.

According to her, her dream man would be…

A). Someone who had a lot of internal beauty and compassion.
B). A vocabulary of seven million words!
C). Physical strength and dashing good looks is top priority.

When you are out, who does she have lunch with?

A). Alone, usually.
B). With her gang of friends.
C). Someone or the other invites her out.

Her dream, during her high school career?

A). To score the highest marks and get into IIT.
B). To form really close, trusting friendships.
C). To never wear the same outfit twice!

What is her opinion about love generally?

A). Love is so very nice! I like boys and enjoy flirting.
B). Love is everything. I want to find a soul mate.
C). I wrote this programme that creates the perfect boyfriend.

Her dream-job would be…

A). Maybe a teacher or just a home-maker.
B). A therapist or a doctor. She likes helping people.
C). A personal shopper for A-list movie stars!

Her best friend is all about…

A). The perfectionist who is everything a girl should be ideally.
B). A fun person who loves people and everyone can enjoy her company.
C). The most stylish and chic girl in the area.

Mostly As

Your girl is a typical girl-next-door. She is calm, cute and girly — a simple girl who is happy with the little things in life. She is basically a nice person, and probably has a code of ethics that she follows diligently.

Mostly Bs

Your girl is a fun person and tom-boyish. She is great to be around and makes sure to have fun all the time. She is not someone who makes a big deal out of anything and friendships mean a lot to her. She cares about studying and not clothes and her friends love her because of that. Your girl is best at solving problems and that is why everybody always comes to her for help.

Mostly Cs

Your girl is a hot pin-up girl. She is beautiful, stylish and she knows it. Most of the time she has an entourage of her admirers around her. For her man she would definitely want someone who could match up to her standards. So if you are not mirror-cracking material you should probably walk away.


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