Saturday, December 3, 2011

7 Fact About Men

Hye Readers,

This are 7 fact about men..hahaha..

1)Men are like computers:
Hard to figure out and never have enough memory.

2)Men are like coolers:
Load them with beer, and you can take them anywhere.

3)Men are like horoscopes:
They always tell you what to do, and they are always wrong.

4)Men are like plungers:
They spend most of their time in the hardware store or the bathroom.

5)Men are like Weather .
Nothing can be done to change them.

6)Men are like …Commercials …..
You can’t believe a word they say.

7)Men are like ……Government Bonds ….
They take soooooooo long to mature.

I`m Sure all the men are looking at me like this..



  1. @bobiedanbad laa sis..this must some crazy chick who write..hahahaha :))