Monday, June 6, 2011

Showdown 2011 Personal Review - Rokusteps

This is one of the strongest b’boy crew in this competition..from week after week they put their best in performance but still in the bottom 4 for several occasion..

For the fans there no need for me to tell them how good is the crew..but for the neutral, this crew is worth to watch..they performance is quite good from week after week and to be honest I hope they will not be eliminated for this weeks..

Their history is quite impressive since they have dance for Malaysian top artist and some of them are the biggest stage of let see on what stage they have perform..

• Era Awards 2004 (V.E)
• Era Awards 2005 (Too phat)
• Era Awards 2006 (Samir)
• Sri Angkasa Awards (Too Phat)
• AIM Awards 2006 (Ahli Fiqir)

That’s  is part of their past performance in dancing on stage but actually there a lot more which I’m  not able to list it here..You can find it on their official Fan Pages (click here)

Frankly I think they can made it  at least at the top 5 but they will need all the help from the fans to vote them..For the fans beside voting there a things that u can still do to help them by spearding the word of the crew and win them vote from the neutral..

For the neutral just watch them perform and judge them urself..I know this crew is worth to watch and vote..

That all for now and I hope to see this crew go so much further in this competition and the vote from you is what they hope for..till my next review!!!


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  1. yup yup yang ni laa hehhe :D
    terbaikk laa pernah buat entry pasal dyeorg?