Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just For You!!!

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, 
it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, 
and effort.
The most important factor for motivation is goal setting. You 
should always have a goal. It's important to have a plan a big
picture. You can deviate from it or change it completely, but 
it gives you something to work for.

Whenever you feel that something as simple as a smile or a 
kind act will go unnoticed, do it anyway. You never know how 
much it might change someone else's life.

No one else can ever make your choices for you. 
Your choices are yours alone. They are as much 
a part of you as every breath you will take, 
every moment of your life.
You cannot manage your life if you do not manage
your self. You cannot manage your self if you do
not manage your choices. Manage your choices, 
and you will manage your life

With Love,

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