Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Showdown 2011 Personal Review - Panic Crew

Hi readers,

The actual entry has been delete because the material is outdated and the not much i write for them on the original entry..

So this will we my review no 2 for panic crew..hehe..After 5 weeks in a live show panic has remain on this competition based on one basic rule..they are good..

For the fans i dont have to tell you how good they are coz every time they dance they make us enjoyed so much with their talent..

For the neutral info, Panic crew is the only crew with all female representative and this make them more from others..Frankly this is my 2nd favourite crew..To get to know them click here

I've read somewhere that their target is to be at least at the top 5 but i think they can go also not suprised at all if they finish as a top three this season..but to make that a reality is up to the fans and Malaysian..if u watch Panic performance you will find it worth a vote..obviously they got mine.

So  to all the fans of panic don't forget to keep on voting for them and spread the news bout panic because at the end all that matters is the vote..Good Luck to Panic Crew and hopefully they finished higher than their expected..

Noted: Official Panic Crew Fan Pages Click Here



  1. "tak de la power sangt"
    tu maknanye ada la jugak power tu..kan??
    cer tunjuk..
    cer tunjuk...
    nak jugak nengok nye..

  2. Kak Diana: xmo laa..segan laa saya..xpower mana pun..hehehe :)