Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fairy Tale StorY

Don't know how long
It's been a while since
You told me...your favorite story
It's been on my mind
Driving me crazy
Am I the reason that (you're crying now)

I see the tears in your eyes
They tell me you don't believe
That I can't be...your prince charming.

Maybe you can't understand
But when you  said you loved me
My life was changed
And I wish you could see

I'm willing to
be the one
and the angel that you love
with open arms
I'll always be there

You must believe
That you and me
Will end up living happily
In our own fairytale story

p/s: Miracle do Happen but not Fairy Tales Story!!!

With Love,


  1. ... but we always dreams the fairy tales story..

  2. but people make fairy tale live..^^
    dats how people live happily ever after..^^

  3. Rierie:xde utk sap2 pun..saje je sblum tido menjiwangkan diri..hehehehe

    hanis: btul kak??sebab tu laa fairy tale ni jarang terjadi..hahaha..

    noniz: thats true..but not everyone got their fairy tale story..hahaha..lucklily for those who got one..hahaha