Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twitter for iPhone / iPad Updated with Tons of New Features

Aku sebenarnya bukan laa peminat iphone..ape tah lagi nak pakai iphone since aku ade gak kawan-kawan yang pakai iphone dan berdasarkan stats blog aku yang menunjukan ade ramai gak yang tengok blog aku using iphone so aku rasa aku share jer la info yang aku dapat dalam mail aku entry aku berkenaan dengan app iphone yang terbaru untuk twitter..tapi aku xtranslate laa dalam bahasa melayu sebab aku malas dan ade term2 technical yang aku xtau nak explain dalam bahasa melayu..

Twitter for iPhone / iPad Updated with Tons of New Features

A new update of Twitter for iOS is now live in the App Store. Available for both iPhone and iPad, the new version 3.3 of Twitter app for iOS brings tons of new features, including: improved conversation view for DM, Quick Bar, easier uploading of images and cleaned up design.

Full change log is as follows:
What’s New in Version 3.3
- Quick Bar, shows trends and other important things without leaving your timeline! Swipe the Quick Bar left/right to cycle through trends
- Trends based on your location
- Cleaner, redesigned Tweet compose screen.
- Automatically shortens URLs. Just paste them in and they will only count as 20 characters, no matter how long they are!
- Autocomplete @usernames and hashtags
- Easier photo uploading
- Find friends using your phone’s contacts
- Improved DM conversation view, now works similar to SMS/Chat
- Cleaned up preferences
- Bug fixes

Twitter for iPhone & iPad is still propagating through the App Store worldwide. Download link is given below.
Download Twitter for iPhone/iPad
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So...pada yang kaki main twitter and pengguna Iphone especially boleh laa check app..macam aku yang xpakai iphone  dan xselalu main twitter info nie just untuk my general knowledge..heheheso nnt kalo ade masa aku post new entry lagi..till then..



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