Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beautiful Modern House Rendered by Marc Canut

Beautiful Modern House Rendered by Marc Canut

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Tadi time aku tengah check email,sementara nk tunggu marathon aku start(drama series) aku ada terbaca satu artikel mengenai rumah moden oleh Marc Canut.Aku tak tau sangat pasal bio dia tp ape yang aku pahan dia nie seorang professional arkitek 3D.Jom kita baca sikit artikel pasal dia..  

We were impressed by the work we came across of designer Marc Canut who specializes in 3D architectural renders. Marc’s rendition of home interiors using computer graphics is impressive and the command he has over light and form is very much on display in these images. With open architecture, designer chairs and tasteful minimalism, the images below capture the essence of a typical modern classic home.

Living room wall panels slide to reveal a television…

Not sure how comfortable that couch is.

Corridor of the house.

Modern Style Bedroom

Outdoor Dining

Hmm..ade lagi sebenarnya pic dia tp aku x sempat nk upload suma..sebab aku da nk start marathon nie..nnt kalo ade lg artikel aku dapat pasal lifestyle nanti aku share lagi ngan till then.


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